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VAXstation 4000/96, Alphaserver DS10, DS15, DMCC, Alphastation 255 migration service


客户使用的 MCSV 程序保持不变,仅更改了OpenVMS和外围设备的环境文件,并且您可以使用性能提高的计算机来提高生产率。

The MCSV program used by customers is unchanged, so only the environment files for OpenVMS and peripherals are changed. Use high-performance computers to increase productivity. ​

고객이 사용중인 MCSV program은 변경되지 않고 OpenVMS와 주변장치의 환경 file만 변경 되며, 향상된 성능의 Computer를 사용하여 생산성을 향상 시킬수 있습니다. ​

1. Original VAXstation 4000/96. ⟷ Virtual VAXstation or Nest-V

2. Alphaserver DS10 ⟷ Alphaserver DS15

3. DMCC(ETM25-SA) ⟷ AlphaServer DS10 or DS15

4. Alphastation 255/233 ⟷ DMCC, AlphaServer DS10 or DS15